The two Brides started their excitement filled day off at the Iron Kettle Bed and Breakfast; Simone's party had slept on the main floor while Courtney's stayed on the second floor. Their combined wedding parties had a very interesting an exciting time trying to keep their brides apart so they could have that "first look" at the ceremony. Eating breakfast at separate times and maneuvering their respective bride between floors for hair/make-up and breakfast at the Iron Kettle to get ready for their big day ahead only added to the fun.

Courtney, as most on their big day was filled with joy and anticipation. She mentioned how badly she just wanted to see her soon-to-be wife the morning of their wedding day as they were only a floor apart. The wedding party all had a blast enjoying the good food and hospitality at The Iron Kettle.

Finding Simone was the best thing that ever happened to me and marrying her is the highlight of my life.

Courtney Cowan

The Rest of the day

From the Iron Kettle the brides arrived separately in horse drawn carriage. As the last person took their seat, Courtney made her way down the aisle eagerly awaiting Simone to join her and start the rest of their lives together. The length of the ceremony was perfect for the hot summer day and we even got lucky enough with a breeze. After the kiss, pictures were taken in several locations around the facility. The dinner speeches were a mixture of emotion and love, sprinkled with some French (Simone's side). The dancing began and the rest of the night was amazing!

Final Chat with Brides

Courtney & Simone had an amazing time at the farm; they wouldn't have changed a thing about it. Although, as all couples on their wedding day, they felt far too rushed and wished we could have slowed time down; but it didn't stop it from being the happiest day of their lives. Courtney and Simone expressed they felt so blessed to be able to share such an incredible and important step in their lives together with family and friends. The day was truly special and you could feel the love and support for the brides from all who attended.